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Home-Learning Project (Autumn 2012): Local Community

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on September 23, 2012

As part of this terms topic I have asked the children to create a Home Learning Project.

This is to extend our learning and to get the children to research and develop an idea for themselves.

You are going to create your own folder/file/scrapbook of tasks related to this terms topic – ‘Settlements/Community′.

The tasks fit into different categories like KNOWLEDGE, COMPREHENSION, APPLICATION, ANALYSIS, EVALUATION and SYNTHESIS. Each of these requires you to use different skills.

You get to choose what to do and how much because each activity has a ‘Points Value’.

The final presentation can be very personal and as long as it fulfills the instructions it will be fine!


Autumn 2012 Project – Local Community

(Download yourself a copy above if you lose yours)

Here are some guidelines to follow so you get this project in on time:

You must choose a minimum of 10 activities to do.  You must do at least 1 from each section, but not more than 3 from one section.

Your aim is to complete at least 20 points (Points in Brackets). Think carefully about which activities you can do to balance sections and points.

You should complete the tasks that you choose and put them into a folder or a scrapbook. REMEMBER: You are not expected to do every task on the sheet.

This shouldn’t necessarily be a solo project, unless you want it to be of course, get the grown-ups involved too, draw upon the skills of parents, grandparents, older (or younger!) brothers and sisters. These people LOVE a challenge – but they SHOULD NOT be doing it for you!

If you have any queries, questions or concerns – just ask Mr Watson.

(Handed in: 7th December 2012)

Remember that if you ‘go the extra step’ and extend any of the challenges then BONUS POINTS will be available!

Copy and Paste from any source of information like a book, leaflet or the Internet and passing it off as your own WILL result in PENALTY POINTS!

Can you be the one to work hard and score the most points?

Good luck and I hope that you enjoy the challenge!

Mr W.

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Heraldry – What would your ‘Coat of Arms’ say about you?

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on September 23, 2012


COMPARTMENT         MOTTO              SCROLL

SUPPORTERS: Men, fabulous monsters, animals etc. supporting the shield. Granted only in certain circumstances.

WREATH OR TORSE: A circlet of twisted ribbon of the colours thought to have been used originally to hide the join of the crest to the helm.

SHIELD: Shape of the shield has no significance, but the devices and charges on it are governed by strict rules.

MANTLING: Originally cloth draped over the back of the helm as protection from the sun: usually illustrated slashed and draped around the helm and shield. Much artistic license is allowed.


Heraldry is, in its basic form, simply a means of identification. From simple beginnings of a device painted on a shield for easy identification from a distance in battle, heraldry has developed into a beautiful art from with many rules that must be strictly observed. For individuals it is a family emblem and for impersonal organisations a symbol of corporate identity. Heraldry is all around us, from a simple football shirt to complicated devices with quarterings and supporters representing the symbols of state. Even a company logo is a form of heraldry.

Information and Images from: – Many Thanks.


As an activity to reflect on the characteristics of our own personality – Children in Grasshopper Class have designed a Coat of Arms for themselves.

You can them in the classroom.

We talked about the Rules of Heraldry, the types of creatures/symbols and patterns used on shields and Coats of Arms.

One of the activities we tried was to describe ourselves in 3 words.

Record some of your ideas below…


Mr W.

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Spot the Historical Figures…

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on September 23, 2012

One HUGE picture, loads of historical figures

How many can you see, name, identify?

You know what to do – add your lists in a comment.

Get your parents/guardians/carers to play to!

Mr W.

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Welcome to Blogging…

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on August 21, 2012

Welcome to “Blogging”.

This is our new class blog (weblog).

Here is where we can share our learning with each other, and the wider world too!

Share the work in class with your parents, grandparents, carers, and let them see whats happening.

They love to know what’s going on!

If there is something you would like to see here – let me know!

Mr W.

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